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Mindfulness in the Classroom

The Smiling Mind Education Programs are mapped to the curriculum and designed to support educators to bring mindfulness into the classroom.  All our lesson plans are tailored to each age level across primary and secondary school levels. 

Our Programs - For Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • 72 Modules
  • 249 Sessions

We know that to really make a positive impact on children’s mental health, we need to provide them with skills that can be used throughout their lives.

If we tune in to our body and our mind through mindfulness and meditation, we can improve our learning.

Proven effectiveness

The Smiling Mind Education Program offers mental health and wellbeing tools designed for primary and secondary aged children. It has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of government and non-government schools with positive results in classes of all sizes, backgrounds, locations and ages.

The Smiling Mind Education Program has been proven to help students with sleep, wellbeing, managing emotions, concentration and school behaviour including reductions in bullying. Our Program also assists with:

  • stress management,
  • increased resilience,
  • increased creativity,
  • better decision making, and
  • a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.

In a 2015 study, we surveyed 12 schools, 104 teachers and 1,853 students to assess the impact of the Smiling Mind mindfulness program. We monitored subjects’ stress, sleep and wellbeing over five weeks and found that those who participated in our program reported significant improvements in sleep and emotional wellbeing and marked reductions in psychological distress. Click here to read the research results.

We offer resources, training and support, tailoring each program around a school’s unique culture, goals and priorities.

A whole school approach

Research has shown that involving the whole community – teachers, parents and students – is the most effective way to gain the long-lasting benefits of mindfulness.

Smiling Mind makes bringing mindfulness meditation into the classroom as easy and accessible as possible. We offer face-to-face workshops with trained facilitators who can demonstrate the ease of using meditation in the classroom, at home and in life. These workshops provide students, staff and parents with the tools to understand how to cope with emotions and feelings in a world that can be chaotic and overwhelming

Our facilitators can demonstrate the ease of using meditation in the classroom, at home and in life to provide students and staff with the tools to understand how to cope with emotions and feelings in a world that can be chaotic and overwhelming.

Smiling Mind understands that schools have individual needs and therefore, the approach in training is flexible. 

This highly effective program aims to create a culture of caring, compassionate, and mature students, and provide schools with the skills and resources needed for an optimal learning environment. 

Smiling Mind for educators

We work directly with educators, providing visual presentations, research, lesson plans and other resources to successfully implement Smiling Mind in the classroom or across the school.

We have created age specific lesson plans to support the educator's understanding around mindfulness and meditation in the classroom. Please click on the link below to access the relevant lesson plan;

Classroom 7 - 9 Years 

Classroom 10 - 12 Years

Classroom 13 - 15 Years

Classroom 16 - 18 Years

Smiling Mind is more than just an app. The Smiling Mind Education Program training is designed to support the educator’s professional development.

When educators understand the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, the results are transformative.

Curriculum friendly

The Smiling Mind Education Programs complement the Australian Curriculum and can be used to support existing wellbeing, pastoral care and training. Smiling Mind can be integrated with ‘personal and social capability’ and ‘critical and creative thinking’ as well as mental health curricula.

What our community is saying

"I can see a real difference in my students when we practise being mindful. They are a lot more focused, calm and able to listen." Teacher

"I used to feel anxious at school but since we've been listening to Smiling Mind in class I feel calm and the butterflies in my tummy have stopped." Student

"Listening to Smiling Mind has helped me control my anger and my head doesn't hurt anymore." Student

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To book a workshop or for more information, please email education@smilingmind.com.au



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What our ambassadors are saying

Testimonial - Dr Craig Hassed

The world needs mindfulness and in this fast-paced, stressed and distracted world, the children of today probably need it more than any previous generation.

Dr Craig Hassed
A/Prof, MBBS, FRACGP, Monash University Medical Faculty
Testimonial - Clare Bowditch

Mindfulness has been a central part of my everyday life since 2002, and meditation is now a practice my children engage in also. We celebrate so many of its benefits and I’m thrilled to know that Smiling Mind will be making it easier than ever for more young Australians to meditate.

Clare Bowditch
Musician, Actor, Radio Presenter
Testimonial - Bianca Chatfield

Taking time to be mindful is one of the best techniques I have used to help cope with the pressures of playing elite sport. To any budding or elite athlete, I can’t recommend Smiling Mind more highly. My success has come from staying physically fit and mentally strong.

Bianca Chatfield
Australian Netballer and Captain of the Melbourne Vixens
Smiling Mind is modern meditation

Our Impact.

The Smiling Mind App has reached more than 1 million people worldwide.

More than 13,000 education providers use our programs in their classrooms.

  • That’s at least 600,000 students experiencing the benefit of our programs every day (based on 60 students per teacher).
  • We’ve also provided additional intensive professional development to up-skill more than 4,000 teachers so that they can bring mindfulness into their classrooms.

Our workplace programs are currently being used by more than 200 organisations.

  • More than 12,000 employees have started to learn how to use mindfulness meditation to improve their wellbeing and effectiveness at work.
  • Our programs significantly reduce stress, with 68% of participants reporting that they feel a greater sense of calm since using the Smiling Mind app.
Education program

Our education program improves mental wellbeing, sleep and concentration

Workplace program

Our workplace program has impacted the wellbeing of 20,000+ employees

Over a million downloads

Over a million downloads