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My Smiling MindThese individual age-specific programs outline the key aspects of Mindfulness Meditation within formal and informal practices. EducationThis section outlines structured programs and the resources needed to implement within education or group settings. SportDesigned to complement regular sports training schedules for either individuals or clubs, this program is for professional and amateur sports people alike. CorporateLearn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation within the corporate environment. Smiling Mind Corporate Partners access your log in here.

Smiling Mind

Education Program

This section of the Smiling Mind website is for people wanting to run Smiling Mind’s Mindfulness Meditation program with groups. This can be teachers, educators, counsellors, team leaders, facilitators, sports coaches or those conducting wellbeing or mindfulness programs. The program is downloadable for FREE. It is supported by a comprehensive manual for teachers/ facilitators and is designed to be easily implemented without a large time commitment. The program can be tailored to suit a range of audiences and environments and no meditation experience is required from the teacher/ facilitator. It is recommended, though, that group facilitators first practice the exercises themselves. Click here for more information about Smiling Mind and Mindfulness Meditation.

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Smiling Mind aims to build happier, healthier and more compassionate young people. Our Mindfulness Meditation programs are designed to assist people in dealing with the pressure, stress and challenges of daily life.

Smiling Mind's Education Programs are designed:
  • As a preemptive and proactive tool to enhance mental health and wellbeing
  • To arm students with the skills to better manage stress and build resilience
  • To encourage participants to feel calm, clear and content.

Intended use

The program has been developed to complement existing mental health, wellbeing and pastoral care programs, and can be used in a variety of ways, including:
  • As part of classroom activities, session training, daily routine or roll call
  • As part of wellbeing or pastoral care programs, sessions or lessons
  • As a general supplement and support to the everyday curriculum.
In this vein, Smiling Mind has partnered with KidsMatter as our Mindfulness Meditation programs can be used by participating KidsMatter schools to effectively fulfil program components and Target Areas. You can find further information on the KidsMatter program here or you can view the joint resource and information flyer here. In these capacities, the Smiling Mind Program may:
    • Encourage participants to be focused on the present moment when engaged in set activities
    • Provide a grounded start to the day/ session/ training
    • Encourage focused attention
    • Increase levels of empathy with fellow students.
We promote Smiling Mind as a stress management and resilience tool, and see it as an accessible, simple and affordable way to provide pre-emptive mental health strategies to young people (and adults!). A great way for people to understand Smiling Mind and Mindfulness Meditation a bit more, is to watch this video with our youth ambassador Oliver Forbes. There are various ways of implementing the program. We have designed it so it is highly flexible and can be used to suit the needs of the curriculum, school environment and of course, students. The audio files can be streamed live from the website via the Resource Centre, or for easy plug and play use, can be downloaded for free as Podcasts via iTunes (we have a Podcast for each age-specific program). Once downloaded, the tracks can be burnt to a CD and played off a speaker, or played directly from the computer. Suggested methods of implementation: 1. Group meditation. Teacher plays the meditation via a CD, computer or speaker and the class listens to it as a group. 2. On devices. Individuals register their own account and take themselves through their own journey (both during set class times and in their own time) on the App or website, using iPad/iPhone or laptop. 3. Smartboard. Create a class account and work through the program together. This can be particularly great as the website is highly visual and creates an additional level of engagement that way. It also means that the class can participate in the pre and post-evaluations as a group. 4. On an individual as-needs basis. Either as some ‘timeout’ or downtime as needed within class, or within a counselling-type setting. This can be useful if you come across a young person who is particularly worked up or agitated - if you think they would respond well, you can suggest they do a meditation (or you do it together) before you have a chat. 5. Referral tool. Teachers, nurses and counsellors can refer young people to Smiling Mind for them to use outside of the school environment. As there is an Adults program also, Smiling Mind is something you can implement amongst staff as well - to provide them with a tool in dealing with stress and building resilience for themselves in and out of the classroom. And of course, if staff are engaged in the program this will flow onto to the students.

Program overview

The Smiling Mind program is available for four different age groups:
  • 7-11 years
  • 12-15 years
  • 16-22 years
  • Adults (can also be used for staff training)
Some young people may find the recordings in the age group above or below them more suitable. We recommend teachers/ facilitators listen to a few tracks from different age groups to decide which is most appropriate for their group. Each age-specific program runs for an initial 8-10 week period. The program is comprised of short .mp3 audio sessions, each only 5-15 minutes long. There are three types of sessions that participants will be guided through:

Introductory Sessions:

These outline the key learnings of Mindfulness Meditation. As the program progresses, these Introductory Sessions introduce and explore different aspects of being mindful. For example, Exploring the Breath or Exploring Thoughts. Click here to listen to an example Introductory Session from the age 12-15 program

Daily Mindfulness Guides:

The Daily Mindfulness Guides consolidate the learnings of the Introductory Sessions. The Daily Mindfulness Guides are designed to be used every day after each new Session, before moving onto the next Introductory Session. Click here to listen to a Daily Mindfulness Guide from the age 7-11 program

Take Home Activities:

These are additional recordings and/or PDF handouts, which assist in incorporating mindfulness and its benefits into everyday activities, outside of formal meditation practice. For each Introductory Session, there is a corresponding Take Home Activity. Click here for an example Take Home Activity pdf. from the age 7-11 program or here for a corresponding audio file   Once the initial 8-10 weeks has been completed, it is recommended that any or all of the audio recordings be used continually as daily meditations.

How to sign up and get started

To implement the Smiling Mind program within your classroom or organisation, please complete the free registration here. (Note, this will sign you up for the Education Program only. If you would like to sign up to multiple programs at once, click here.) We ask you to register so we can keep in contact with you whilst you are administering the program. Once registered, you will be able to access our Resource Centre. This contains a suite of Learning Activities, Audio Files, Teachers’ Manuals and Bite Sized Meditations for each of the four age-specific groups. Simply follow the prompts, click on the age group or program desired and you will be able to play the audio files straight from the website or download them onto your own computer/iPad. Alternatively, all of our meditations are available for free download as Podcasts via iTunes. The Manual for Teachers/Facilitators provides you with the information needed to implement the group program. Upon registering, you will be required to fill out a short registration survey about the environment and intended participants of the program. This will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. You will receive two further emails from Smiling Mind once you have commenced the program; one at the halfway mark, and another at your completion date. These emails will ask you to briefly log your progress and thoughts.
Please note, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Should Smiling Mind wish to use any personal information provided, we will only do so upon receiving written permission from yourself or your organisation.

Education Program

Support & More Info

Our Education Programs are supported by a comprehensive manual for teachers / facilitators and are designed to be easily implemented without a large time commitment. The program can be tailored to suit a range of audiences and environments and no meditation experience is required of the teacher/facilitator.

For more information about our Education Program please contact:

Smiling Mind now available on the App Store

What our ambassadors are saying

Faustina Agolley

“Smiling Mind recognises the importance in taking time out to reflect. It’s key to maintaining a healthy mind and combines my love for both meditation and education. I’m excited to see the two working together to create happier young Australians.”

Dr Andrew Rochford

“I have personally felt the difference and better still, the research backs it up. Meditation and mindfulness are key components of a longer, healthier and happier life.”nd education. I’m excited to see the two working together to create happier young Australians.”

Preshil staff member The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School

"Children have enjoyed the meditation more and more as the program has continued. We debrief about positives and negatives at the end of each session and ask children for reflections."

Grade 2/3 student,
Altona P-9 College

“Mindfullness helps me to become a relaxation expert. I get to lay on a cushion whilst we relax. I feel happy and relaxed afterwards.

Grade 3 Teacher,
Lloyd Street Primary School

“The children enjoy it immensely and look forward to it each time. They ask for more so we usually do two sessions at once.”

As you may have noticed, Smiling Mind is a unique organisation. Since all of Smiling Mind’s programs are offered free of charge, we rely solely on donations to operate. If you believe in what we are doing and care to make a donation, you will be helping us to continue providing our programs as well as growing and improving them Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here to donate - and thanks in advance, this will go a long way to creating healthier, happier young Australians.