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My Smiling MindThese individual age-specific programs outline the key aspects of Mindfulness Meditation within formal and informal practices. EducationThis section outlines structured programs and the resources needed to implement within education or group settings. SportDesigned to complement regular sports training schedules for either individuals or clubs, this program is for professional and amateur sports people alike. CorporateLearn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation within the corporate environment. Smiling Mind Corporate Partners access your log in here.

Smiling Mind

Corporate Program

The Smiling Mind Corporate Program contains tailored Mindfulness Meditations specific to the modern working environment. Focusing on building concentration, boosting productivity and supporting healthy minds, the program is structured around clinically proven techniques. The program is primarily delivered via a corporate-specific App, and is complemented by face-to-face workshops and communications strategies to build ongoing education and engagement.
“I would just like to say thank you for Smiling Mind. It has become the single most important App on my iPhone now! In December I started using the App and am still surprised at how much of a difference it really made.” IBM Employee, Corporate Program User

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Corporate Program within your

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Smiling Mind Corporate Partners
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Smiling Mind’s App-based Corporate Program contains tailored Mindfulness Meditations and workshops tailored to the workplace.

The App and complementing workshops are delivered via a year-long licence. The program is highly relevant to flexible work environments, for:
  • individuals
  • teams or
  • organisations as a whole.
The program consists of a number of elements:
  • Face-to-face engagement workshops
  • The Smiling Mind Corporate App (pictured) containing guided, mindfulness practices (audio files)
  • Communications and engagement strategy customised for an organisation, including push notifications
  • Data for analysis via user’s online engagement; providing tangible data and insights around collective group use and program results. This data can be used for further evaluation and reporting.
The program has been developed by a team of psychologists and is structured around building calm, clarity and connection. Note: App is available across iOS and Android platforms.


Our Corporate Program aims to positively effect workplaces by increasing productivity and general wellbeing. The program is designed:
  • to increase levels of attention, focus and subsequent productivity
  • to improve awareness of cognition and emotions
  • to enable people to make better decisions under pressure
  • to increase resilience, general health, wellbeing and self-care.

Intended use

Smiling Mind offers a number of flexible offerings to suit an organisation’s size, structure and workplace processes. We work with individuals, teams and corporate organisations large and small. The App and program has been developed in conjunction with psychologists and can be used in a variety of ways, including:
  • As part of daily workplace practice
  • As part of pre-emptive mental health awareness and duty of care
  • For individuals to use as needed to manage stress and build resilience
  • A tool for team building and leadership development.
Our online delivery method is a cost-effective way of delivering a year long program; providing tools and strategies that can be utilised anytime, anywhere. Several research studies have found that Mindfulness Meditation improves executive attention; the ability to maintain your focus on one pursued object without getting distracted. In addition, many benefits of mindfulness focus around wellbeing and self-care. These improvements were seen as quickly as five days after starting to meditate.

Program overview


Smiling Mind offers stand alone 30–60 minute workshops. Smiling Mind workshops are delivered in a very relatable, easy-to-consume way. We make the content as relevant to everyday life as possible and discuss (cutting through stigmas that can sometimes surround meditation). Content includes:
  • What is mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation?
  • The science behind it
  • How mindfulness affects the body and the brain
  • How to build Calm, Clarity and Connection
  • Practical exercises
  • Outline of the structured program
  • Building routine and accountability within practise
All practices are guided and range from 3 to 15 minutes long. Complementing practical activities also exist.
Workshops can also be used in conjunction with the structured App Program.

Smiling Mind Corporate App

The Corporate App contains a structured, five-week program, whilst also allowing for flexibility and self-direction. The App content is structured into the following five sections, each designed to deliver specific outcomes:
  • Everyday Mindfulness (Practices include: Introduction, moving with awareness, body scan and eating with awareness)
  • Calm (Practices include: body scan, sitting practice, stress management, managing change)
  • Clarity (Practices include: sitting practice, concentration & focus, building creativity)
  • Connection (Practices include: sitting practice, connecting with yourself, connecting with others, building leadership)
  • Mindful Mastery (Practices include: body scan, sitting practice)
  • Consolidation (participants are encouraged to build their own program and think about developing their mindfulness skills moving forward)
All practices are guided and range from 3 to 15 minutes long. Complementing practical activities also exist.

How to sign up and get started

To implement the Smiling Mind Corporate Program within your workplace, contact us here. “I wanted to let you know how much my staff enjoyed the recent presentation by Smiling Mind. Everyone was so impressed with their presentation and have been raving about it ever since. Thanks again.” Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s Founder and Smiling Mind Ambassador Carman's Staff participating in a Smiling Mind Professional Development Workshop

Smiling Mind Corporate Program Press:

In late 2013, over 200 IBM employees across Australia and New Zealand participated in the pilot of Smiling Mind's App-based program. This was met with great success as has been covered in this article by HR Director, highlighting the physical and financial cost of stress in the workplace, and the positive impact of Smiling Mind.

Corporate Program

Support & More Info

To enquire further about our Corporate Program please contact:

Smiling Mind now available on the App Store

What our ambassadors are saying

Faustina Agolley

“Smiling Mind recognises the importance in taking time out to reflect. It’s key to maintaining a healthy mind and combines my love for both meditation and education. I’m excited to see the two working together to create happier young Australians.”

Dr Andrew Rochford

“I have personally felt the difference and better still, the research backs it up. Meditation and mindfulness are key components of a longer, healthier and happier life.”nd education. I’m excited to see the two working together to create happier young Australians.”

As you may have noticed, Smiling Mind is a unique organisation. Since all of Smiling Mind’s programs are offered free of charge, we rely solely on donations to operate. If you believe in what we are doing and care to make a donation, you will be helping us to continue providing our programs as well as growing and improving them Thank you in advance for your support.

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