Take a mindful moment

Bring mindfulness home: Tips for parents

Maggie Dent, Parenting author, educator, resilience specialist
20 July 2017

As we push past the halfway point of the school year, Maggie Dent provides us with a few simple tips for parents on fostering mindfulness within the home.


A Mindful Mindset this Winter

Lucinda Poole - Smiling Mind Content Manager
8 June 2017

As the cooler months of Winter set in, perhaps you need a mindful mindset to get through this season. Our very own Content Manager at Smiling Mind, Lucinda Poole, writes about how she uses mindfulness to avoid the 'winter blues'. 




Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Maddi Vantarakis
26 May 2017

Maddi Vantarakis, 23, from Melbourne has recently made the transition from university to full time work. We were so excited to hear that she has meditated every day for the last year that we wanted Maddi to share her mindfulness journey with others. Maddi shares with us how her daily practice has helped her for the better.



Early Parenting - a Mother's story

Jo - A parent and a Mind the Bump app user
12 May 2017

We would like to share with you a story from a mother who recently wrote in to Smiling Mind to share with us her experience of using our Mind the Bump app, which was co-created by Smiling Mind and beyondblue. Mind the Bump is a free Mindfulness Meditation App to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent. Here is Jo’s story.




Friday On My Mind

Merran Storrie
18 April 2017

Merran Storrie is one of Smiling Minds Community Ambassadors, she is a mother of two, and is the founder of her business called Enrich & Connect Retreats. Merran is passionate about wanting to help others explore the benefits of mindfulness meditation, so she shared with us her Smiling Mind journey.



Children and Meditation

Jo Stanley
8 March 2017

Jo Stanley is one of our wonderful Ambassadors, she has a strong meditation practise which she shares with her daughter Willow, and a passion for sharing this life-long tool with as many people as possible.



From Dark and Cold to Sunny and Bright

Hayley Witmore
27 February 2017

“..just like on the darkest and coldest days of winter it is hard to imagine it being sunny and bright, you can rest assured knowing summer will come eventually”. Hayley Witmore has recently graduated from the Victorian College of Arts Secondary School, she wrote into Smiling Mind wanting to share her mindfulness journey, in the hopes that it would help to inspire other students with learning to live with anxiety.



Mindfulness in Education

Dr Craig Hassed
16 January 2017

Mindfulness is a generic skill with a wide range of applications relevant to education. These include fostering mental health, improving communication, empathy and emotional development, improving physical health, and enhancing learning and performance. 


Mindful Eating

Rosie Garner, Health Blogger
1 December 2016

Now more than ever before, we need to take a deep breath, connect back with our body’s own innate intelligence and become curious when it comes to food and eating.

And we can do this through Mindful Eating… 


The Mindful Startup

Mike Davis, Founding Director, PURPOSEFUL
1 December 2016

About 10 weeks ago I launched a startup- Purposeful, and perhaps anticipating additional stress also began a 6-week mindfulness course at a studio in Armadale!

Throughout the course I learned a great deal about how the principles and practices of mindfulness could help me to stay balanced and perform optimally during a testing time. The three principles that helped me the most were- beginners mind, non-striving and letting go.