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Four Teacher Tips For Creating A Mindful Learning Space

Smiling Mind
18 September 2017

Creating a mindful space in your classroom and school is a big step, but doing it right can go a long way to ensuring mindfulness is embedded into the fabric of learning. 

Here’s what a few teacher’s from the Smiling Mind community had to say about creating mindful spaces:


Mindfulness Works Best With A Whole School Approach

Smiling Mind
8 September 2017

Implementing a whole school mindfulness approach takes time, but the key to sustainability - as told to us by the Smiling Mind community - is getting everyone on board. Research shows that a whole school approach leads to more positive student outcomes such as optimisim (for teachers and students), social-emotional competence and reduced anxiety for teachers. 

Our community shared with us their best tips to getting your whole school on board. Read on to hear what they had to say.



We're looking for a tech guru at Smiling Mind!

Smiling Mind
5 September 2017

We're hiring at Smiling Mind!

We're on the hunt for a tech guru because we believe our technology is a powerful bridge to helping people lead a happier, more resilient and mentally fulfilling life.

This year we reached a huge milestone of over 2 million app downloads. Now we’re the best mate in the backpocket of all these amazing people who have all prioritised their mental wellbeing with mindfulness and meditation.

Are you still reading? If so, then you’re probably our type of colleague.

We’re on the look out for a Technology & Architecture Manager to help us build more of these bridges to better mental health outcomes for people around the world.

We want someone in our team who understands how technology can be used to change lives, a person who thrives on providing solutions to big problems and someone who truly cares about making an impact in their career.

Based in our own funky Collingwood warehouse space, we’re part of Melbourne’s thriving and creative social impact epicentre where all our neighbours share our belief that business has a role to play to enact societal change.

We can’t wait to find out what’s possible with your passion and your ideas.

Read on and get in touch.


Remember to Be A More Mindful Dad This Father's Day

Todd King, Smiling Mind
1 September 2017

It's Father's Day in Australia this weekend, but becoming a ‘Mindful Dad’ doesn't happen overnight.

But when you consciously decide to become a more mindful father, these experiences become the very fabric of your being.

Our resident 'Dad' at Smiling Mind, Todd, wants to remind all dads out there to make sure they drink in every experience with with their child.



Here's One Must Have Breathing Exercise For Every Tradie's Toolkit

Pip Seldon, The Healthy Tradie Project
28 August 2017

Tradies in hi-vis, hard hats and boots practicing mindfulness – doesn’t sound like your typical construction site, but with high risk activities and constant pressure to perform, the construction site is one of the most important places for mindfulness.

Pip Seldon from The Healthy Tradie Project gives us one breathing exercise every trade should try as Tradies National Health month wraps up again for another year.



Love is Love: We Are for Equality

The Smiling Mind Executive, Board & Team
24 August 2017

As an organisation championing positive, proactive approaches to mental health and wellbeing for everyone we think it’s important to acknowledge and support those who might be feeling marginalised, or discriminated against during this public debate about marriage equality in Australia.

Love is Love.


Want a More Mindful Culture at Work? For Vinomofo, It Starts At The Top

Smiling Mind
23 August 2017

Named in the top 25 places in Australia to work in 2016, Melbourne-based Vinomofo has gone from an organisation that first and foremost sells wine online, to a place that grows and cares about people.

We spoke to their Head of Culture, Mikey Ellis, a former teacher that presides over a mindful company culture which places emotional wellbeing of its staff at the forefront of business achievement.



Tips from High School Teachers About Classroom Mindfulness

Smiling Mind
16 August 2017

High school can be a challenging time for our kids. There’s so much change and transition happening physically and emotionally for high school students. They’re dealing with the pressures of exams, homework, puberty, personal issues, bullying and in some cases depression. To help high school teachers on the Smiling Mind journey, we decided to find out how some of the teachers within our community already use our app and programs.


Top Six Mindfulness Tips For Primary Teachers

Smiling Mind
9 August 2017

Primary school teachers are busy. Really busy. So using Smiling Mind in the classroom or embedding a mindful culture at school can be a tough process for some teachers to navigate. We decided to speak to some of the teachers from our community who use our app to find out their top tips and tricks for what works best in a Primary School setting.


Mindfulness, it can make Monday's better

Paul Taylor, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi
7 August 2017

Paul Taylor is the Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi in Melbourne.

M&C Saatchi work with the team at Smiling Mind to tell our stories to the world. And we love them for it.

So, naturally, like a lot of workplaces they needed an introduction into exactly what we are all about.

Here’s Paul’s take on introducing mindfulness to his workplace and why Monday’s don’t suck anymore.