Team Members

Ambassador - Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith Workplace Program Manager

Rebecca started her career as a lawyer and went on to work as a criminal barrister for over 10 years. She has since mastered the art of transition, moving into the entrepreneurial world of retail, training and coaching.

Changing careers while raising two boys led Rebecca to meditation, a practice that has helped her ride the waves while remaining calm, clear and connected. An engaging coach and facilitator, Rebecca works with businesses and individuals to help them identify key strengths and challenges and to develop business ideas, opportunities and teams. She works with people in transition and connects quickly, warmly and authentically to help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

Rebecca’s career has always been focused on delivering exceptional results and building the capability of others. She has worked closely with on trend brands that inspire and uses this experience to help people become more positive and engaged, thereby allowing them to use all of their strengths and opportunities to build a life they love.

Drawn to the Smiling Mind vision, its inspiring founders and great work, Rebecca was excited to be part of the Workplace Program - it brought together all of her experience and skills. Bec loves nothing more than helping organisations build their own mindfulness practice to support their staff.