Ambassador - Jules Lund

Jules Lund Radio and TV Presenter

You can’t underestimate the power of reflection. To freeze-frame life, step back and reassess it. Reflection was the centrepiece of all the programs I ran with The Reach Foundation for over 100,000 young people, and in my own life it helps me keep my head above water. The key, of course, is delivering it to young people in a way that truly connects with them via a medium they’re exposed to everyday. That's why Smiling Mind works.

Having travelled the world as a television presenter for Channel Nine’s Getaway and co-hosted one of Australia’s highest rating radio shows in the country, Jules Lund has a natural ability to engage people.

Jules is an important and exciting member of the Smiling Mind Ambassador team, having developed his passion for empowering people through genuine connections during his years as a senior facilitator at the Reach Foundation; an organisation that supports young people to reach their full potential.