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Ambassador - Emily Toner

Emily Toner Facilitator

Emily Toner is a Clinical Psychologist with a research background in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne, having honed her clinical skills working as a psychologist in various health settings such as the Epworth Hospital and The Albert Road Clinic.

Emily has taught mindfulness and positive psychology theory and practice to postgraduate students at Monash University and The Australian College of Applied Psychology, and is a faculty member for Medibank’s new online School of Better Health, where she heads the Mind Department. Emily is proud to work with Smiling Mind to spread the benefits of mindfulness to workplaces, schools and the general public, and is energised by creating and facilitating programs that are engaging, grounded in science and accessible to everyone.

As well as being part of the Smiling Mind team, Emily runs her own wellbeing consultancy, where she sees individuals for counselling and coaching support. In addition, she facilitates mindfulness courses at Vitalise Psychology, teaches meditation at Happy Melon Studios and was involved in the development of meditations for the most recent version of Smiling Mind's app. . Emily is driven by the desire to live in a more peaceful and connected world and has a daily meditation and mindfulness practice that has a profound impact in her day and life.