Ambassador - Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis Radio Presenter

Giving yourself some time out each day is as important as eating your veggies. Without time out, life can often be a noisy confusing mess of a thing. Personally, I think time out can take any form your heart desires, as long as your brain is having a rest and you’re being nice to yourself. My meditation has always been music. Listening to it is great as it can focus my mind on one thing instead of a thousand. Playing in front of an audience is also surprisingly meditative. But the most efficient music meditation for me is sitting in front of my piano and doodling around with no-one listening. That’s my special timeless place to go.

Dylan’s passion for music, sense of fun and cheeky humour is projected over the radio airwaves every weekday. Having hosted an array of music shows across TV and radio such as Pepsi Live and Video Hits, as well as appearing as a guest panellist on TV shows such as The Circle, Spicks and Specks and The Project, Dylan has established himself firmly as a trusted and recognised voice within the music industry.

Dylan is passionate about meditation, and incorporates the practise into his everyday life, including with his wife and daughter Rose.