Team Members

Ambassador - Amy Felman

Amy Felman Group Facilitator and Content Development Manager

Amy is a Clinical Psychologist, and mindfulness group facilitator. She is trained in mindfulness based therapies including Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Amy has worked in both public health and private settings and has seen first-hand the powerful benefits of teaching people mindfulness skills to increase their self-awareness and realise their inner power to choose how they respond to themselves and the world. She continues to work clinically with both adults and young people.

Amy is passionate about using technology to communicate, teach and share stories. She has a degree in Media, is a professional voice artist and is the host of a popular Psychology podcast called We All Wear It Differently.

Amy began her personal journey with mindfulness meditation in her mid 20’s after returning from an extended period of travel. Feeling somewhat lost and uncertain of what the future held she became aware of her racing mind, worries, and consequent anxiety. She attended a course in Mindfulness and still recalls vividly mindfully eating a sliver of mandarin (no mandarin has tasted as good since). This moment was eye opening when she wondered what it would be like to experience the world the way she just experienced eating that peace of mandarin. She has been practicing personally ever since. Naturally when she embarked on a psychology career, mindfulness became the core of her practice.

Amy also practices Yoga, drumming and dance, and loves exploring and teaching others the various ways they can develop their mindfulness meditation practices. Often adults and children alike discover that in some aspects of their lives they already are!